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                     We offer a Hybrid Greenhouse, with patent-pending clean-room technology which makes crop contamination a non-issue. Introducing our gorgeous, sleek, modern high tech greenhouses. Our building partners have over 35 years designing and developing structures. Uniquely designed under patent pending protection, We have transformed traditional greenhouses into modern, insulated, sealed, natural day lighted, clean-room laboratories. The design was heavily influenced by pharmaceutical production where regulations require sterile environments. We can create an architectural appearance that is appealing and accepted by building departments holding to strict aesthetic standards.Traditional greenhouses at that level are generally rejected. Our greenhouse is unlike any traditional greenhouse in both construction and operation. Our Hybrid Greenhouses can be designed and built at a price that is significantly lower than existing greenhouses. Lower upfront capital expenditures mean more money to inject back into your business.

                Our Greenhouses can also be used for offices, data-centers, manufacturing, advanced healing, exercise training facilities, and smart farms. We plan to create a franchise turnkey model with our advanced vertical growing systems as well we can sell these green houses and smart farm solutions. Hybrid Greenhouses are designed so that each grow room can be independently sealed. This assures that cross-pollination does not occur. With state and federal standards tightening regarding product purity, our clean-room greenhouses ensure complete sterile environments perfect for Pharma laboratory environments.

        Our Hybrid Greenhouses are fully customizable to meet your grow operation’s needs, with optional features that include:

        The sealed, clean-room laboratory environment guarantees the purity and safety of crops.
        Natural Earth Air Systems help maintain your ideal growing temperature
        Our sleek, futuristic designs mean quick city approvals.
        Day-lighting control ensures optimal lighting at any time of the day
        Patent-pending oil bath fans eliminate airborne contaminants.
        Sealed air cavity provides superior insulation suitable for all climates.
        Reflective coating amplifies natural daylight
        Flexible layout allows for alternative uses such as office space, recreation, research, manufacturing
        Solar and battery power or natural gas power generation options
        Adjustable Artificial Light Source
        Refactor Panels
        Electronic Glazing Day-lighting Control
        Cloud Cover Hazing in Sealed Air Cavity
        Louver Day-lighting Control
        Draping Day-lighting Control
        Designed for maximum energy efficiency in both hot and cold climates.
        Mold and other fungi growth control technologies
        Oil bath mechanical fans for air purity
        Proprietary growing platforms
        Air flow to fortify plant strength
        CO2 Injection for enhancing plant growth
        Reflector light panels to increase plant growth
        Air space insulation between roof/ceiling and interior/exterior wall systems
        Insulated transparent double wall and roof ceiling system for maximum insulation value
        Rooms designed for wash down with open spray sanitizer
        Cloud cover hazing to simulate natural cloud cover in roof/wall dead air space
        Plant odor control by underground evaporator cooler systems
        Advanced filter systems to eliminate airborne contaminants
        Natural earth core temperature used for baseline mechanical system air management
        Natural gas or LP heating producing usable CO2
        Roofs with automatic roof cleaning system
        Roof structure capable of supporting automation equipment up to 10 tons.
        Intake air is drawn from a perforated underground pipe system, introducing natural earth air filtration, cooling and heating
        Natural Wind Movement


                Our Hybrid Greenhouse partner has also been selected as a finalist in the Energy and Sustainability category in the 2019 Edison Awards. Our greenhouses are eco-friendly and fully compliant with the US Farm Bill. Up to 85% percent of each greenhouse is constructed from recycled materials, exceeding the California Green Building Code by as much as 50%. Conventional framing for ease of construction, plentiful workforce availability and 4 month delivery lead time!


               We also have Plug N Play Aero-Ponics growing systems that can be used to grow any type of vegetable or plant, greens, lettuce, tomato, herbs, potatoes, hemp, and any form of cannabis. Our Aero Ponics grow facilities are the most energy efficient systems available on the market today combining advanced proven water technologies, frequency technologies, multi stage filtration systems, energy efficient lighting, misting technology, automated management, food injection, renewable power, and control systems. All these technologies combined make our system the most advanced and efficient food growing system in the World. Our towers can hold from 10 to 140 plants each.

                The water mist output runs with fully automated timer system, sensors, with room temperature control systems. Root systems are incredibly beautiful and healthy and our product comes out 100% Organic totally chemical free. So if you want to earn several times the income and save tons of money on power and labor we are excited to partner with you. We are offering Non-Exclusive Joint Venture Licenses where we setup the entire system and partner with you and we find trust worthy management teams we help with the marketing and in certain situations we may be able to help provide funding to select projects. We look forward to working with you, please keep reading on to see more of our awesome systems!

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