Our light deprivation greenhouse use blackout material with controlled exposure to light and darkness to simulate seasonal changes. Automating light and darkness tricks the plants into flowering on command, reducing the time to reach maturity which allows year-round cultivation with multiple harvests. We also have a SMART Farm Agriculture Software Platform is built from the ground up to provide a cost effective data solution for your industrial or urban agriculture environment. PHYTOS helps you to understand factors that affect crop growth and yields such as phenological changes or weather conditions, helping to improve potential yield and reduce loss through disease or weather.

  • Crops in vegetative stage growth can be grown in the same greenhouse as those in flowering stage growth by creating ‘blackout zones’ within the same greenhouse
  • Offers growers greater flexibility when staging their crop cycles
  • Protect crops from light contamination from neighbors, street lights, etc
  • Reduce the amount of supplemental light reflecting out of the greenhouse at night
  • Curtains provide simplicity, ease of installation, and are easily maintained
  • Fabrics offered in varying levels of light transmission and insulation properties
  • Ability to Monitor and Control Entire Facilities Lighting, Water, Power, Monitoring, Sensors, Food Injectors Remotely
  • Our system provides 20% to 40% Reduction in power consumption for indoor farming.
  • Our systems are designed to recirculate and or reduce water consumption.
  • Our greenhouses can be implemented in any environment.
  • Our model is to deploy growing systems near consumers.
  • Yields are independent from any seasonal adversity. This includes cold, hot windy, or dry weather, etc.
  • Non-stop production cycle ensures a constant market supply with more price stability.
  • Automation of most agricultural operations with a limited necessity of farm labor and farm equipment investments.
  • Possible to produce on a commercial basis in areas without any agricultural tradition.
  • Higher organic qualities and densities of the Cannabis and Hemp flower.


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